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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Do you struggle with the accounting for your homeowner, condominium, or community association?
Condominium and homeowner association board members fill important roles that require a great deal of attention to association business. Boards are comprised of volunteer members so we understand that you may not have the time to handle the day to day accounting functions.

The majority of homeowner and condominium associations are self-managed for many different reasons. Unfortunately many associations find it difficult to provide excellent accounting and business services to their members. Through the internet and relevant processes established, your association can receive excellent service, regardless of size and location.

You should consider our accounting and business services to experience what other associations have found out regarding the following benefits:



  • Reduce your accounting costs while receiving better service, information and satisfied members
  • Gain access to industry experienced accountants and knowledge
  • Receive, and have online access, to accounting information that is accurate
  • Have a 3rd party provide for good segregation controls and reduce the chances of fraud
  • Ease of invoice approval and payment of invoice.
  • Provide for smooth transitions during Board changes




A sample of the specific accounting and business services we offer include:




  • Day-to-day accounting, this includes billing, collecting, and depositing assessments as well as issuing checks upon approval of invoices from board members.
  • We perform monthly review and reconciliations of general ledger accounts including bank reconciliations
  • Maintenance of owner database
  • Permanent electronic storage and retrieval of association's records
  • Monthly financial statement




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